Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shahbir's: Name my Characters Contest Closed

Hi everyone it is me Shahbir, just to let everyone know that the competition for naming my character is now over and I have decided on what prizes to give the winners, a box of celebration chocolate. I know they are not much but I hope the winners will enjoy them. Thanks to everyone who entered, I actually got a nice selection of names for my characters , but the way I am going to pick them is by picking them from a hat/container. However there is one name that was personally chosen because a lot of people actually liked it. It is the name that was given to my worm character, he is now known as Steve Wormer. As mentioned before a lot of the public from the CGArts course really like the name so I though why not keep it. The winner of that portion was Kayliegh(hope I got the name right) and I gave her the prize hope she likes it.

There now two characters that still need their names which are the Blue and Red Bird, however if one or both of their names turns out to be based on a blues singer I will have to talk to he winners about making some adjustments to them. The reason for this is because I felt that the Worm should be the only one to have a  blues singer's parody name since he is the only one that sings.
The names of the birds will be announced tomorrow, can't wait to see what their names will be. Also, if the winner's don't mind, if I could take their pictures with the prize in their hand. If they don't want their picture taken thats ok I have a plan b, and if they don't like plan b then I will just mentioned them.

Again thanks to everyone who entered.

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