Sunday, May 06, 2012

Maya Help Please

My tools seem to be acting weird, the top images shows my move tool is not at a right angle, it's at some strange 'off' angle, also trying to use any of my tools they seem to be so small I can't click on the sections I want, the more I zoom into something the smaller they get to the point I can hardly see them anymore, is this some setting I've accidentally done?


  1. Hi Nat

    Sounds to me like you've got you tool settings either on World or on Object. Try double clicking on the tool buttons to get their options up. At the very top you will see what setting they are on. Simply try try going from the world to object options (I can't remember which one does which). To make the move, rotate and enlarge tool bigger so you can see them use + and - keys on the keyboard :-). Hope this helps

    1. Hahaha Thankyou! :D that fixed it. I must have pressed the ' - ' key a few more times since I posed this up too as I was struggling to work because I couldn't see the tool. I keep flipping between maya and photoshop and forgetting which keyboard shortcuts to which program, so thats what must have caused it. The angle problem is fixed now too. Thanks again :D

  2. No worries :). Yes, it's annoying having to remember shortcuts in photoshop and maya. The one which I always forget is I can't use alt in photoshop to move and zoom into things :)