Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing 'Cinema' a new CGAA regular feature!

Hi All,

This is the introductory post for 'Cinema' the latest in the CG Arts and Animation wunderkammer of regular features which allow you to showcase the works of others which you interesting or inspiring! I've set up this because although the existing showcases are inclusive of 'film', they are arguably more focused towards animation and the art of creating animation. However, we all know that film is as equally important to how projects on the course are approached and created.

This a platform to showcase anything related to the art of filmmaking which you feel doesn't fit within the existing structure of One-A-Day, The Supplement, The Tune or CGAA Misc. For example this can include anything from: cinematography, narrative, acting, sound design (as opposed to music) production processes, film festivals or film theory. You could showcase the newest Hollywood blockbuster release or the latest Austrian festival winner. It's up to you! Anything goes really!

My only suggestion is that if you decide to showcase something like the cinematography of a film, then maybe limit it to about 8-10 choice snapshots and maybe a trailer - lest we end with an entire film playing out on the blog as a series of still images. Which would be interesting but not in this context!

Have fun!

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  1. Hey Tom - thanks for incepting this great new strand - all I suggest is we label it as 'CGAA Cinema' for distinctiveness - I'll include it as one of the 'regular features' - and nice artwork too! :)