Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Fat Lady Sings...

Incredibly, it's that time of year again... The fat lady is preparing to sing as CGAA Year 3 put the finishing touches to their final submissions.  GOOD LUCK to all of you in the closing moments - dot every i and cross every t, then sit back and relax in the knowledge that you've done your best and there's no more you can do. As per tradition, it would be fitting of this illustrious occasion to toast your 'coming-of-age' in some sunny pub garden and everyone is welcome; indeed, the more the merrier!   We were thinking of a 2pm kick-off in a Rochester pub with a big enough garden; my suggestion was 'Ye Arrow' - the pub whose garden has that great view of the castle and the cathedral, but I'm open to the student vote on this one, as it's sometime since I've been out and about on Rochester Highstreet... If anyone has strong views re. an alternative venue, make them known on here asap.

Until tomorrow then - and once again, best of luck to all our third years!


  1. Woohoo :)
    Also, the vaults have a nice beer garden, but I don't know what what drink range they offer and there isn't a view of the castle but it is an alternative if theres a problem with 'Ye Arrow' :)