Thursday, May 31, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1 - Your Unit 6 'Art Of' & Your Emails Plse

Hi you lot.... Can you all please upload your 'Art Of' documents to your blogs please if you haven't done so already - lots of you havent! Also, I'll be emailing you your Unit 6 proformas, so could you first please email me at so I've got your current emails.  As I'm sure you appreciate, there's lots of third year marking to be completed, so there might be a slight delay in getting your marks out to you, but I'll send them asap.  I'm sure that not everyone will be checking the group blog as regularly, so could you use your various social networks etc. to get this message 'out there'.  Much appreciated - and I look forward to seeing the creative trickle of those summer projects soon... :)

And finally - if you still haven't returned any course kit, please drop it in at reception promptly.  Thanks again.

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