Sunday, May 06, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit 6 Commission 2011/12 - Green Light/Red Light Reminder

Just a reminder!  If/when you're ready to pitch, I want to see the green light on your blog before the event so I know whom to expect.  If you're not going to be ready - for whatever reason - show me the red light, so I know whose blog Dr Klappa will need to visit after the event.  

Remember, the point of the pitch is for students to present resolved proposals - not proposals-in-progress.  Professionalism is key, organisation is essential.  No used-car salesmen please, no turd polish, no b******t, don't waffle, don't wing it, don't blag it, don't busk.  Be confident.  Be prepared.  Be amazing! :)

Dress to impress!

Go here for the my previous post re. the Pitch and its criteria.  There's already some really great stuff on your blogs and I know you're working hard to meet this challenge.  Keep going, keep it up.  Not only do  I want you to knock the Doctor's socks off, I want you all to achieve your personal best - and know deep in your bones that you've done so...

Good luck - and I'll see Group A on Tuesday.  Looking forward to it...


  1. Hi Phil, can I ask is the uni going to be open tomorrow on bank holiday? :)

  2. I'm not Phil but I can tell you it's not open. :-)

    1. You're not Phil??!! That's thrown me now.... ;P

  3. I AM Phil... but Bank Holiday means UCA is definitely closed... :)

  4. Aww bummer!! But thanks anyway Phil and Tom! :D