Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is an important message for everyone.  It's now time that all CG Arts & Animation course equipment comes home to roost.  We know you've got course graphic tablets at home and lightboxes and Gnomon DVDs, course DVDs and books etc., because a) we lent them out in the first place, and b) because our cupboards are bare.  

Chances are you've gotten used to having a graphics tablet etc., but this is my polite reminder that the course equipment isn't somehow yours simply because no one has chased you for it until now.  CGAA is a small and trusted community, and we're keen to keep it that way - so please, it is now your civic duty to return our stuff. Don't disappoint us.

You can either return the equipment directly to us in the baseroom, or - if you'd prefer, you can return equipment to Mary on reception, Ground floor.  She won't ask questions or take names - just hand it over.

You may be thinking that this announcement doesn't mean you - it does. You may be thinking 'it's okay, because everyone else will return their stuff, so I don't have to'.  You do.  Check your rooms, check under the bed and those mountainous piles of dirty washing - if you borrowed it (however long ago) - we want it back.  If you've got course equipment and you decide not to return it, it's theft and you'd be stealing directly from the course team - and next year's students.  It's time to buy your own graphics tablet, okay? 

Can you please ensure that everyone is made aware of this announcement.  Many thanks.

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