Thursday, May 24, 2012

After Effects / Compositing and Video Support Group

Hello Folks,
       I'd like to say thanks to the 1st Years who have been slaving away over their Assignments, and popping in use of After Effects where they can.  You guys were really hard at it today.

For all years however, - for those of you who aspire to learn more about Cameras / Video / Compositing;
   I'd like to let you know of a support group that Simon and Myself have set-up on Facebook, which is aimed at people learning After Effects, and also using HD Video in their work.  It brings together a mixture of Professionals and Students, but is very informal - and is often just a great place to show links to things which cross over with Film Post-Production.

If you'd like to join in, or browse the collection of inspiring commercial work, you can click the Join Group Button.

Thanks again!



  1. Hey Pete :)

    This is a great resource for our lot - so thanks - and thanks too for all your input over the last 5 weeks - both with our first years and our work placement chaps. Much appreciated as always.

  2. My pleasure. CGAA Rocks like a Flint Stratocaster...