Monday, April 23, 2012

Shahbir's: Name my Characters Contest

Hello to those who don't know me my name is Shahbir Hameed and I am holding, some what, a competition for my characters in my Final Major Project animation 'Bird Food Blues...'
The reason why is because I thought it would be fun to see how many people will come up with different names for my three characters. The winning names will be in the credits for the characters, and the winner might get a prize, like a box of sweets. The characters in my animation are, the Worm, Blue Bird and Red Bird
The way this is going to works is that you must write your name/user name, then write the name you want to give to one of my characters for example: (with real name) Shahbir (or User name, Shubtastic), (chosen character) Worm, (name you chose for your chosen character) Wormy.
You can write up to five names for your chosen character, you can choose to do all of them if you like. You can think of any names you want just don't write anything too rude, this is rated U after all XD, but seriously no rude names. However pun names are aloud like Stevie Wormer (Stevie Wonder).
If you have any question write them in the comments on this post or on the comments section on my blog. The competition will end on the 21st of May so act quick. If two people or more chose the same name then I will randomly pick the winner.
Have fun.

After reading Alan's comment, he had a good idea. That only the worm should have a blues singer parody name because he is the only one singing, while the two birds shouldn't because they are not. This is optional but please take this to thought when naming my characters.


  1. Shahbir, did you mean the comp closes on 21st May? You have written March! :)

  2. Hey Shahbs,

    okay - appalling puns on famous jazz/blues singers...


    Louis Wormstrong or Bo Wriggley or Grubby Waters or Jelly Roll Wormton

    Blue bird

    Peck Baker

    Red Bird

    Buster Chickens

  3. Hah! - Bo Wriggley - I love that one. My terrible attempts below:

    Bird Names:

    Bird belly (Lead Belly, you can guess the relationship!)

    Blue Bird King (shortened to B.B King...Anyone?)

    Stomach Sick Steve (Come on, that's great! :-D)

    Worm Names:

    Wormbert Johnson

    Blind Wormie Johnson (Sounds a bit rude!)

    Howlin' Worm

    More if I think of them...

  4. May be your birds should have none blues names because they are the outsiders

    Bird Names:

    Bluey Blue

    Reddy Red

    Worm Names:

    Orm n'cheap (Phil will get that ref)

    Burrowing Lo King

    Deep Down Lou

    Otis "Muddy" Worms - Known as 'Muddy Otis' for short.

    ...I'll be back with some more later

  5. I had also come up with a Muddy Waters based one - 'Muddy Wormers'
    Red Bird - Fats Robino
    Blue Bird - Pecky Billespie

  6. 'Fats Robino' - I LOVE that one!

    Orm n Cheep - my god - how retro is that for us old bastards?