Monday, April 30, 2012

Shahbir's missing Hard Drive

Hi it is me Shabir and I have some bad news. I have accidentally left my 500 GB hard drive at uni and I believe it is too late for me to get it today, the good news is that I have backed up all my data on my hard drive at home. I hope someone found my hard drive because I actually rely on it for working at uni and if I can't find it then I might have to work at home because the backup hard drive needs a plug and it might be tricky for my to bring it to uni. So if anyone found it please let me know. I left it in the computer room next to the base room on the forth floor


  1. hey Shahbs - a white harddrive was left on desk this evening - I'm assuming it's yours!

  2. Heyyy! I left it there :D lol