Friday, April 20, 2012

ONE-A-DAY: Amanita

This is AMAZING.  It is hard to describe how good this is. Amanita develop fantastic original games and movies. It is a must to check out and support their works.

"Amanita Design is a small independent video game development studio based in the Czech Republic. It was established in 2003 when Jakub Dvorský graduated from the Academy of Arts in Prague with a free online flash game called Samorost as his thesis project. In 2005 Václav Blín joined as a studio animator and Samorost2 was created. Since then, we have found several excellent collaborators: musician Tomáš 'Floex' Dvořák, programmers David Oliva and Jan Werner, painter Adolf Lachman, sound maker Tomáš 'Pif' Dvořák and animator Jaromír Plachý. Besides computer games, the studio created also a couple of music videos, websites, animations, illustrations and production design."

Main page

Indie humble bundle page to get their works and support the artists.

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  1. i've seen Kooky- thought it was really stance but enjoyed it :)