Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maya help, Rendering issues

I started doing one of the mental ray tutorials and I did 'set project' when I started up the file the environment had no texture so I re applied it manually but when I rendered the shot only certain parts were filled in.

(I do have final Gathering on)

How can I fix this?


  1. hey lyn-dae i had the sme problem, just go throught all the missing shaders, i.e the road, etc and just refind the texture maps in the sourceimages file. This should work. I believe there is like two different bump or texture maps on the barrels and the dupster, i had to sort out both to get it all working. hope this helps

  2. Heyy there! It did this for me when the HDR map wasn't plugged in. Try that.

  3. Thanks guys I'll give it a try