Friday, April 13, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Time Machine Essay Hand-in Date Change!

Okay - in light of your mighty efforts to complete your Unit 5 animations - and the challenge therein - I've negotiated with the powers-that-be to move your Time Machine essay hand-in from Friday 20th April to Monday 23rd April - which gives you the weekend 'post-crit' - to perfect, polish and prepare.  Please note - the hand-in time on Monday (between 10am - 12pm) at the ground floor faculty office remains the same.

Okay - this is important:  Remember, on your submission disc you also need to include a pdf version of your Symposium presentation, as this is an assessed part of your overall mark.

The percentage you were given directly after your Symposium (your feedback was put in your pigeon holes) was formative - which means there is an opportunity for you to improve your presentations in terms of their content and structure prior to summative assessment (i.e. when you hand it in with your written assignment on Monday 23rd).  So - if you failed your presentation (and some of you did!), you need to seek to improve your presentation before the deadline.  What this means in simple terms is that you need to ensure that your presentation satisfies the original 'Time Machine 8' criteria and corresponds more closely to the essay question.  If you failed at the time of presentation, it's because you didn't satisfy the criteria.

So - in summary:

  • Hand-in date - Monday 23rd April (between 10am - 12pm)
  • Submission disc to include PDF of Symposium Presentation.
  • Students should seek to improve presentations if original mark and feedback was poor.

Remember too - your Time Machine written assignment should seek to satisfy the academic conventions/structure/style etc. with which you should all be now familiar.

Finally - please use your network of creative partners to ensure all year one students are made aware of the deadline change.  Many thanks - and best of luck for this famously busy week!


  1. Phil!! You are too soft on the 1st years... 'treat'em mean, keep'em keen!' and all that.... they'll thank you in the end! :D

  2. Hahahaha cool Thankyou very much Phil :D

  3. When you say submission disk, is that the one we hand in on the crit (i.e. with all are work for unit 5) or is this another one mainly for the Time Machine essay? And thank the lord and a massive weight off of my shoulders :D -cough cough don't listen to Jackie- XD

  4. No Mike - you need to hand in a separate submission disc for Time Machine (which is different to Unit 5 obviously) - because you also need to hand in the pdf version of your presentation (as opposed to printing it out with all those colour pictures etc!).