Saturday, April 07, 2012

CGAA One-A-Day/CGAA Unit 5 Animation 2011/12 - Bus Stop

Saw this - thought of our first years and their CGAA Unit 5 lightbox marathon - Matt Abbiss' Bus Stop - a great example of keeping things simple and quiet, and allowing character and performance to shine, with great use of the 'white space' and a hefty serving of surrealism too.


  1. Meg showed us this in one of the lessons, it has certainly inspired my piece :)

  2. Just thought i'd voice - Not really enjoying the new blog layout. It looks nice and clean and tidy, but also pretty bland and not very 'creative-inspiring'. (maybe I just don't like the green) haha

  3. Hmm - the 'new layout' is actually a response to that fact that blogger is going to automatically update all blogs to their 'dynamic views' - which this is one of the available seven. The green is the 'least worst' of the available choices etc. In time, we'll no doubt sort out a greater level of customisation, but this is me - and everyone else - getting used to 'the future'...