Thursday, March 08, 2012

Maya 2012 Issue - 'Interactive Split Tool' Bug

This is useful to know. There is a bug in the 'interactive split tool' that replaced the 'split polygon tool' in 2012. Sometimes it completely stops working and crashes your scene. I haven't found a fix to get the 'interactive split tool' working again once it stops but there is a workaround.

Select your mesh, press 'shift' on your keyboard, right click mouse, select 'split' from the menu and you will find the original 'split polygon tool' which you can use instead.

Jut xx

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  1. You can always try the hot fixes too, they usually fix those sort of bugs. I quickly skimmed over a read me file and saw something about split tool and it crashing maya under fixes.

    or google maya 2012 hotfix, you should see the autodesk site there.