Monday, March 05, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Hello Unit 5s (from Animation Meg)

Hope you're all ready and excited about some hands on animation on paper starting friday.
Do come armed with pencils, punched paper (which I hope youve ordered in good time!), peg bars and sketchbooks.. and start getting familiar with the Dragon set ups!

I thought to share some amazing fun clever brilliant animation with you. Have a look at this amazing 12 foot zoetrope by Legs Media

For more brilliance check out Jim le Fevre's Phonotropia blog!... for all things phonotropic, including Alexander Dubosc's Alimation, Katy Beveridge's Manimation and more such genius.
Enjoy and see you all on Friday!

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  1. Cheers Meg :) See you Friday! Let the games commence!