Thursday, March 08, 2012

FAO CGAA Yr 1: Your Time Machine Topics

Okay - it won't be long before you'll be making your Research Presentations for The Time Machine - and you need to be doing the researching/reading/thinking bit now.  I've already had a few conversations with students about possible choices for their assignments - remember, the presentations are not separate from your written assignment.  Your presentations ARE your written assignments in essential terms.  If your research can satisfy the 'Time Machine 8', then chances are you've contextualised your chosen subject and you're ready to write the assignment.  See below for a reminder of the 'Time Machine 8'.  Ideally, your presentations should only be 8 slides long - which means you need to have understood and summarised your content accordingly.  No waffle, no hedging your bets, no generalisations - just a clear, confident through-line of argument.

I want you all to put a clearly labeled Time Machine post together on your blog in which you identify your subject for your assignment and the ideas/themes you'll be using to put it into its cultural and historical context.  Some of you may still be unsure - that's fine - but use this opportunity to seek advice and feedback.  Remember, you're choosing a subject with which you're already familiar, and then choosing a useful idea from the lecture series to 'unpack' the cultural back-story of your chosen topic.  This means you might return to a film you've watched as part of previous units, or an artist etc.  Alternatively, you can choose something that has always fascinated you.

You've got a lot to accomplish in the next few weeks - one way to ensure success is to get stuck in now, so don't delay.   I want to see your Time Machine topics on your blogs by the end of this week!

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  1. Ah yes this is good :) just one thing ( this may just be my computer being funny but) on the scribed doc you have on here, most of the pages are blank and I only see a few images here and there, no writing. As I said this is prob just my computer being funny but just in case it is not I thought I would mention it :) Have a nice day now!