Friday, March 02, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1 Unit 5: Animation 2011/12 - Brief Now Available on myUCA

Your Unit 5: Animation 2011/12 timetable, brief and supporting materials are now available on myUCA.  Please ensure you've read the brief carefully prior to the briefing presentation on Monday 5th March @ 3pm in Lecture Theatre 1.

A selection of student work from previous Animation projects is featured below.  The student names  hyperlink to their respective blogs for Unit 5.  Please take the time to review their archives in preparation for your own creative project.

Important - please ensure you bring your animation paper and pegbar to your Animation workshop with Meg on Friday 09/03/2012

Your creative partners for the duration of Unit 5

Nick Baker
Lloyd Prior
David Vandepeer
Urvashi Lele
Simon Bloyce

Chrissie Peters
Michael Smallwood
Joey Ku
Oliver Nichols
Amrit Chohan

George Whiley
Emma Foster
Shayne Foskett
Joshua Etienne
Sammy Butler

Anita Gill
Anastasios Ntinopoulos
Andrew McDowe
Jamie Tibbott

Paris Peonides
Steve Payne
Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid
Magda Karbowska

Fred Rolph
Gabriel Burokas
Alicja Druzga
Anthony Duke
Nat Urwin (!!!)

Thomas Farringdon
Margaret Leslie
Jake Carpenter
Ilmi Omar

Callum Harvey
Jake Malin
Lydia Caplan
Otis Taylor


  1. Hey Phil, i'm in for this one, group please :)

  2. Okay Nat - sorry about that - forgive me? :)

  3. I too am without a creative group :(