Saturday, February 11, 2012

CGAA One-A-Day: Space Stallions

Space Stallions is a beautifully observed parody of 1980s animation as exemplified by He-Man and She-Ra (and the recent CGAA Character Design project!).  It's got everything; the over-wrought script, the paint-by-numbers archetypes, the synth-tastic signature tune, the almost-too-sexy-for-a-kid's-show heroine, and the blatant homoerotic/Village People vibe, with its love of 'real men' with real facial hair!  The real success of this animation is the way it left me wanting to watch an actual episode of Space Stallions while munching my way through a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal.  Take a look at the original opening credits for He-Man and She-Ra and marvel a-new at their utter campness!

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