Friday, February 17, 2012

CGAA Miscellany: The Animator Letters Project 

The Animator Letters Project is a blog dedicated to open letters from figures in the animation industry. Words of advice, wisdom and encouragement from people who have been there, done that and made it. Perhaps it will seem saccharine, but perhaps it will get somebody through a dark night of the soul when the only thing keeping you going is the caffeine.


  1. Hi - I don't know which of our 'class of 2011' posted this - but, on a very personal note, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing. I was unexpectedly moved by this letter. It's been a long week.

    It's not just students who sometimes need to be returned to the 'point' of the slog - the real and exciting purpose behind the push and shove of getting students up-to-speed by always demanding more and more of them; the sometimes difficult and confrontational business of naming gremlins and demons and giving students new ways and weapons to slay them - and win. It's not just students who need to be returned to - and rejoice in - the simple transformative power of a great image, a distinctive design, a lucid essay, a lesson learned, a technique aced, a habit broken, a new path taken - the 3%.

    Perhaps this will seem a little saccharine too, but I feel lucky to be in the company of so many positive, genuinely creative individuals on a daily basis. Your work - its scope, its distinctiveness - gives me great pleasure - and even as we push, prod, poke, provoke, and challenge you, even as we disappoint and upset you, remember this - we do it - and will keep doing it - because we want you to win.

    Finally, I just want to thank all the students who participated in Friday's events - your enthusiasm and support was much appreciated by the course team.

    Now - get back to work you lot - be amazing, and see you Monday for a bit more of the 97%...

  2. Hope that friday event will be adding to those 3%

  3. It's okay, Nat - it wasn't a 'friday event' as in 'whoop, whoop, it's friday' - it was a boring procedural university management-type 'friday event'...