Tuesday, February 07, 2012


As per Phil's request I'm posting to recommend the services of this website : Inspiring Interns and hopefully to reinforce that some of these facilities online can work & help you when you graduate. 

I signed up for Inspiring Interns about 6 - 7 months ago, in Summer last year. I did it online and they invited me to their offices to make a video CV and to fill out some forms. I thought nothing more of it, occasionaly receiving an update from them with new internships to look at. Until last week when I was contacted by someone at Inspiring Interns on behalf of another company whom were interested in giving me an Internship. I attended an interview today with that company and am hopefully looking at a Three month internship with expenses paid for me.

Websites like this can help; and take it from someone who knows, the CG industry (and all other industries currently - (the world's fucked)) require you to have a certain amount of experience before they will even entertain the idea of employing you. Gaining the needed experience becomes a bit of a farcical when companies don't want to give you any, or they openly suggest you working in their studios for free, without expenses being paid for you. Stating that you should see it as an investment (Trust me, this has happened to me - laughable that a graduate could afford transport costs to the busiest most expensive city in the country and work at a place for free, whilst still trying to actually live).

Anyway, you should start thinking about this stuff now. It seems that the way to gain experience lies in things like Internships. Just take routes that ensure you're getting a fair deal for your free labour.

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