Thursday, January 26, 2012

Turn it in Plagiarism Disclaimer Form

Just to notify my colleagues who about to hand in the dissertation tomorrow, and need to print a plagiarism form. After some time of searching myUca, it is visible that the plagiarism form on the dissertation unit folder is not the right now.

in order to download the right one, you will have to go a couple of subfolders. the right form will be at:

Dissertation (30credits) > Unit Assessment> Help with Turn it in> (then the 4th or 5th option).

the right plagiarism form will need to have the turnitin reference option on it.

hope it helps!


  1. True, had to search the haystack for that needle lol :). Thanks for posting the info though :)

  2. Thanks for this Ruben. Is it safe to assume that the 'Paper ID' is the 'Turnitin Reference Number'? Thats the only number I can find anywhere...

  3. Are the Reference Numbers unique? If not, could a printed out form just be duplicated with a photocopier?