Friday, January 27, 2012

The Supplement: Nicola Yeoman

Unit 3's preoccupation with all things 'unheimlich' may have been and gone, but I saw these installations by Nicola Yeoman and was so reminded of Urvashi's 'birdcage place' and Chrissie's dressing table-in-the-forest, that I wanted to share.

"Yorkshire born Nicola Yeoman moved to London in 2001 and worked at the Guardian as a picture editor whilst studying furniture at Guildhall University. Her combined love of photography and her practical skills as a designer led to an accidental career as a set designer. Now, at first glance at least, it is her eye for the theatrical, honed and developed in this latter role, that most informs her current artworks. Yeoman’s childhood spent growing up on a farm in North Yorkshire is also a big influence on her work: the dens she made in barns are still evident in her work today. Her sets range from elaborate interiors, to junk yard sculptures and ethereal and dreamlike worlds. She uses a wide array of different materials as well as everyday and discarded objects. The installations whether they are built in trees or industrial interior spaces are built to specific vantage points, play with perspective and always have hidden surprises, stories and details entwined."

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