Sunday, January 15, 2012

@ Phil or Alan

May sound like a strange thing to ask, but my laptop screen broke on New Years Day (a massive crack at the top in the center). My laptop however still works and I can still use it so long as I plug in a computer screen. Was wondering if I bought my laptop in to use CS4 on it (I don't have CS5) would it be possible to find a spare computer screen to use?


  1. HI Lev,

    I'm not sure of the answer to this except to suggest that, demand depending, you could use a monitor in the baseroom - or, perhaps speak to the technicians in DMO and see if there's a spare monitor you could hook up with for the duration.

  2. Ok thanks Phil, I'll bring my laptop then just incase :)

  3. HI Lev.

    There is a screen in our office you can use. Under Phil's desk.

  4. Brilliant :D, thanks Alan ^^