Monday, January 30, 2012

Important Notification for CGAA Yr 1: Animation Materials for Unit 5

No - you haven't fallen asleep and missed Unit 4!  For Unit 5: Animation, you will be creating an original one minute HAND DRAWN animation.  You will be working with animator Meg Bisineer - and she runs a very tight ship! 

You need to order the following materials in readiness for Unit 5.  It might seem a long way off, but please don't wait, as delivery can take longer than expected. The materials you need to order are listed below - and hyperlinked to the supplier's website.

Pre-punched paper and pegbars are necessary for the effective registration of the individual drawings or frames that comprise an animation.

And if you haven't got your hands on these yet, you need to...

You'll want to already be familiar with these books before Unit 5 begins and you commence your animation workshops.

Not everyone follows the group blog as closely - can you please use your network of creative partners to spread the word.  Don't delay - order your materials today! 


  1. Another great resource is the dvds that go with the Richard Williams The Animator's Survival Kit- The Library has these :)

  2. Thank, Nat - I seem to remember spotting you with a bag load of them....