Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help With Storyboard, Animatics and Character Design.

Hey Guys!

Found some interesting stuff that might help when it comes to storyboarding or animatics.

There is a show on Cartoon Network called Adventure Time. Some of you may know it (its amazing, watch it)
Well they release a lot of storyboards and pre production content for Adventure Time neatly packaged in a scribed format.

"Evicted" Storyboard

This is the board for 'Evicted'
Its pretty useful to look at some of the directions and how you could use their techniques.
I will certainly be using there format and a cleaned up version of their board, which I will upload at the bottom.

Also they have done some animatics.

And to add on top of this, they also release backgrounds and Character Designs-
Here are a selection.

So yeah. Interesting stuff.

Here are some links for your eyes.

Adventure Time Storyboards

Adventure Time Animatics

Adventure Time Art

Art of Adventure Time



  1. Many thanks for this, Callum! Just a note (for everyone) - when you post Unit related work, get used to using the labels - CGAA Unit 4, Pre-production, storyboard, animatic etc. You'll see many of the relevant labels pre-exist and you just have to select them; labeling just means you're adding what you've shared to the repository!

  2. OK sorry Phil. Glad you like it :)