Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Final Week Message for All CGAA Students!

Dear all... 

It's week 15 - the big one, crunch time, the finale, the fat lady's sing-song...  Right now, you're all so up-to-your-ears in getting the job done that it won't occur to you to put your achievements in perspective, so let me...

For year one, you've reached the half-way point of your CGAA debut, with most of you now capable of creative feats hitherto only dreamed of; you're concept artists and production designers, you're art directors and cinematographers, you're film critics and essayists, you're up-and-coming cg artists and 'bright, young things' and you're just starting to feel it - your potential for making and doing extraordinary things.

Year 2 - wow!  It's been a challenging stint for you, the hardest, most demanding so far - with most of you experiencing for the first time what it actually means to 'collaborate' - what it actually means to work alongside other individuals who do not instinctively share your views or your working style, who test and infuriate you, who persevere and come through for you, who are more (or less) professional than you.  You don't know it yet, but this has been one of the most valuable, formative creative experiences of your life so far.  You've learned loads technically, and lots about yourself, and it's the course team's experience that Retrofest is the unit that sets students on their year 3 trajectories.  If you've got reason to be proud of yourself - be proud.  If you've got reason to resolve to do better - than be better. 

And year 3... Is it really possible you're here already? I can still remember meeting you all on your first day, when you were nervous and 'Maya' was just some word.  I remember your very first submission, and now here you are, but a few short/long days from you submitting your minor project (and then your dissertation a week later!).

Needless to say, the course team wishes everyone on CGAA the very best of luck for the next few days.  However, this is the week most likely to give rise to crisis, temper tantrums, technical failure and acts of stupidity deriving from acute sleep-deprivation.  Make no mistake, this is a precarious time, and it would benefit all of you too look again at your respective project briefs to ensure you're not about to make a silly mistake.

First years should go here for their Unit 3 submission checklist and crit requirements: for reminders re. Retrofest requirments, second years should go here and here. Third years should look again at their brief.  All students should ensure their blogs are fully up-to-date, and all students should BACK UP THEIR WORK REGULARLY. Every year, someone experiences hard-drive failure or similar and UCA regulations are very clear about extensions in this situation i.e. - there are none! 

Okay - last word!  Bloody good luck all of you! 

Be amazing! All our fingers are crossed.


  1. Thank you Phil! :) And yes backup your work people!

  2. Thanks Phil. Good Luck everyone!

  3. Good luck everyone! Hope you all do great!