Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit 4 Storytelling 2011/12 - Your Creative Partnerships Announced

Hi everyone - see below.  Unit 4 will see you writing your first script for a proposed one minute animation - the precise constituents of which will become apparent at Monday's briefing *Tutorphil laughs cruelly*.

Fact: the challenge of creative script writing is made easier if you're bouncing your ideas off other people, and this time, your 'creative partnership' sees you working in a 'writing group' - your stories are separate, but you should seek to work closely with each other as you develop and devise your story ideas.  I want to see you functioning as a creative team; a few pleasantries via the blog or Facebook isn't going to cut it in Semester 2.  You're going to need each other!

If you haven't done so already, you should be familiarising yourself with the Scriptwriting Resources available on myUCA/Storytelling/Unit Materials.  If you're reading this and already thinking you can wait until week one to make a start on Unit 4, this is me urging you as politely as possible to think again. You will be writing your first script - and these resources show you how.  Trust me (and ask any 2nd year) - you need to get ready for what's coming your way - it's a goodie, ladies and gents, but it's a biggie...

Your creative partnerships/Unit 4 Storytelling 2011/12
Nick Baker
Chrissie Peters
George Whiley
Anita Gill
Joshua Etienne
Emma Foster
Lloyd Prior
Paris Peonides
Fred Rolph
David Vandepeer
Otis Taylor
Magda Karbowska
Margaret Leslie
Michael Smallwood
Andrew McDowe
Urvashi Lele
Gabriel Burokas
Steve Payne
Jamie Tibbott
Simon Bloyce
Joey Ku
Ilmi Omar

Jake Malin
Oliver Gadsby
Anthony Duke

Anastasios Ntinopoulos
Ernesta!!! (sorry!)

Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid
Lydia Caplan
Ami Weightman
Shayne Foskett
Sammy Butler
Amrit Chohan
Mei Noguchi
Callum Harvey
Jake Carpenter
Oliver Nichols
Thomas Farringdon
Alicja Druzga


  1. Hey Phil,

    I can't find myself here ):

  2. God damn! I always forget someone - just ask Gabriel - at least he made it onto the list this time - watch this space!