Saturday, January 28, 2012

CGAA: One-A-Day: Doomed

With Year 2 CGAA students turning their imaginations towards their up-and-coming Transcription project, I've had a number of conversations about emphasis - i.e. what emphasis should and could Transcription take re. character design and/or animation.  Perhaps this short, sweet, bizarre and really rather wonderful animation by Alla Kinda for Pocoyo's director, Guillermo Garcia Carsi might help clarify things - for here we have some striking character designs, the animation of which serves to further communicate their character (as opposed to 'tell a story' or satisfy a complex narrative structure).  This animation showcases series of small, perfectly-formed performances by a set of cute and quirky character designs.  Watch and learn (and maybe downsize your expectations of a 10 week project accordingly...).

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