Saturday, January 14, 2012

@Anyone - Maya Trouble

I am having trouble with files that I have received through media sharing or coping from someone else's USB Stick, I am able to open them and work in them

However when I save the file or try to get onto the four window perspective I get errors, The saving issue is the biggest problem as it would losing everything I had done (which I really don't want at this stage)

When I reopen the file it comes up like a wire frame but block is turned on and I loose a chunk of the scene

This is examples of what I mean, the above file is the original and works fine but as soon as I try and save it and reopen I get what you see in the below image

If anyone can help me I will be grateful as I am stumped and unable to progress until I resolve this problem

Thank you in advance



  1. I had that problem when I copied a scene onto an external hard drive and I wasn't able to fix it so I just went back to the original copy. But there are a coople of things I try doing when I do have problems with a scene and it sometimes works.

    1. Try perhaps opening a new scene in Maya and importing your problem scene into it or 2. Select everything in your scene in the outliner an go to file, export selection and export it out as a new scene.

    Might not work but it's worth a try.

    1. When this happens the only sure way to fix it is to go back to the original file. However, switching versions of Maya can also cause problems. If the work is done on a personal copy of Maya there is no telling what has been added (plugins etc). Your copy of Maya simply may not have the relevant compatibility.