Monday, December 19, 2011

Horse Neck Rig: Help Needed

I've been following Alan's tutorial on how to rig quadrupeds and have managed to get to making controls for the neck. however in the tutorial Alan connects the rotate X to the IK Twist. however the problem is, is that when I do it my horses head turns and faces to the left instead of staying straight. I guess I could leave this bit but would like to know what's going on.


  1. Hi Lev

    The problem is the joints orientation (thats component orientation not rotation). One of your joints is flipped. During the early stages of the tutorial I check each joints orientation by

    1) Slecting the joints
    2) Going into component mode (Button under the 'assets' menu)
    3) Then right click on the '?' at the top and choose joint orient.

    To fix a joint, select the local rotation handel and then use the script below in the MEL command line.

    rotate -r 0 0 0;

    0 0 0 = X Y Z rotations.

    So this could be:

    rotate -r 180 0 0; to flip in X

    Don't forget to press 'Enter' on the numerical keypad.

  2. Hi Alan, thanks :D.

    Just a few questions. Can I do that when it's rigged?

    OR will I have to go back to when the neck hasn't got anything on and then rotate it.

    Also if I did that would it affect the rest of my rig?

  3. It depends on the situation (what's connected to the joint etc), however often its fine to do this when rigged.