Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Supplement: Hugh Ferriss

'Hugh Ferriss (1889–1962) was a highly-regarded architectural renderer in the Twenties and Thirties, chiefly employed creating large drawings to show the clients of architects how their buildings would look when completed. But he was also an architectural theorist and his 1929 book, The Metropolis of Tomorrow... lays out his ideas for cities of the future… Ferriss’s book appeared two years after Fritz Lang’s Metropolis but bears little resemblance to Lang’s simplistic tale, despite superficial similarities. Rather than a science fiction warning, The Metropolis of Tomorrow was a serious proposal for the creation of Art Deco-styled megacities.'


For more Hugh Ferriss click here


  1. I knew you'd love his stuff :) Be sure to check out the flicker set after the 'go here' hyperlink - genuinely 'wow'!!!

  2. I second that! Wow! Really amazing.

  3. This guy really is good... and a bit of an inspiration whilst I was doing my Major. Also check out Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, this guy was responsible for the red telephone box, Batteresea and Bankside power stations and Liverpool Cathedral.