Thursday, April 28, 2011

CGAA One-A-Day: Tom Beddard/Surface Detail

A companion piece to Ollie's recent post re. fractals and another one-a-day with the up-close, erring-on-abstraction innerspaces of Unit 6 in mind: Surface Detail - a mesmeric animation from Tom Beddard - a laser physicist turned web developer with an interest in generative graphics programming. You'll want to check out the rest of Beddard's Vimeo showcase too, as there are a number of virus/bacteria-esque animations on there for your viewing pleasure...


  1. And there was me thinking my fractal post was but a pebble in an ocean! That was quite calming actually, seeing the surface change and loop.

  2. That is a truly beautiful piece of animation, so simple and yet so complex.. the nature of fractals, they never end...

  3. If anyone would like to explore these kind of abstractions in Houdini ( - drop me a line!