Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Supplement: Ronald Searle P.O.W Illustrations

I'll kick this off then.

Ronald Searle along with Ralph Steadman is one of Britains most beloved illustrators. It wasnt all plain sailing for Ronald. During the Second World War he was stationed in Asia. After the fall of Singapore he fell into the hands of the Japanese, and spent the rest of war years barely surviving in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp. You didnt want to find yourself in one of these. The conditions were absolutely brutal and many of the people who survived those places are still haunted by their experiences to this day. He for example ended up building the Siam-Burma Death Railway otherwise known as the Bridge over the River Kwai.

Over the years spent in captivity he illustrated his experiences on whatever materials he could find. Of course at great risk to himself. More than likely if he was caught he would of either been flogged to near death or executed...

Enjoy a slice of history.

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  1. many thanks for getting the ball rolling, Tom - and that final image is horrifying in its simplicity.