Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stuck in Madrid...

Dear All,

I´m writing this from Madrid airport, where I am currently languishing waiting for an outgoing flight to Heathrow (but not to Gatwick, where the car is parked, as Gatwick was a no-go yesterday and there were no available flights - which means we still have to get to Gatwick after we land, which could mean I end up freezing to death in a layby upon my return - at least my corpse will have a sun tan!). So far, the time given for the flight is 00.43, but it keeps changing all the time and my sense of humour failure is looming (unlike the plane).

Thanks for the sympathy, Tom - (not!).

Meanwhile, I genuinely hope all is going well with the CG Arts community - especially the 3rd years, who must be feeling the pressure now - likewise the 2nd year, who are finishing up their collaboration. I hope the first year are back in the thick of things and I´ll endeavour to peruse all blogs asap: be sure to title any posts ´Phil/Alan´if you have a particular question or query and we´ll try and be as incisive as possible.

Regarding the bad weather and campus closure - not sure what will happen next week, but can I suggest someone (Liam!) email Jackie Andrew directly at to ascertain what the UCA policy is regarding days lost on account of campus closure - and what this may or may not mean for submission deadlines. However, as term doesn´t begin until the 11th, the current closure is non-applicable, as you´re not officially ´back´yet. Please check the UCA website for updates on the status of the campus. I did read that more snow is expected on Sunday...

So - I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! I look forward to seeing all of you upon my (eventual) return and I wish you well with the final two weeks of project work. No doubt you are all as sick of your projects as I am of this departure lounge, but keep your creative focus sharp and keen, stay choosy, and take good care of yourselves. Good luck! Be Amazing! (and remember to eat/drink/sleep).


  1. I don't know phil, being stuck in Spain doesn't sound that bad. And where there's a terminal, there's a pub ..or however the saying went. I wouldn't worry too much about the car either since it's probably been stolen by now anyways. Fly safe!

    Good luck to everyone finishing up their projects. And remember to save a few days for final editing since it can do a lot towards the final piece!

    Greets from minus 20 degree and half-a-meter snowy Finland! (and nothings closed here..tsk)

  2. I KNEW you´d leave a comment, Sebastian, oh you of the frozen, snowy wastes... :-) No one likes a smug Finnish guy...

  3. Haha those Finnish and thier sisu!
    I'm emailing now, the campus was closed on Friday 17th Dec. Shame about this week though, I know a lot of people came back early to use the library...
    Judging by the time of you're post Phil you haven't flown? Don't tell me you're still stuck in Madrid?

  4. I'm also amazed a day after learning the word I've managed to use sisu with a degree of relevance!

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