Thursday, January 28, 2010

Formatting the dissertation

Seems to be a few questions about it, so I'll paraphrase what is on the UCA website (here)

The university wants Harvard referencing, which is where directly after the quotation, the surname of the author, the year of the publication, and the page number are written in brackets.
For example:

Dennis McNally is quoted as saying ‘Without him, there simply wouldn’t have been enough acid for the psychedelic scene of the Bay Area in the sixties to have ignited’. (Medeiros, 2005, 309)

If the author is mentioned directly before a quote, you may put the year and page number in brackets after his name:

Chris Grunenberg (2005a,7) describes psychedelic style as ‘the result of a highly productive interaction between art, technology, politics, drug culture, music and many other influences, creating an extraordinary aesthetic exemplifying the spirit of liberation and freedom.’

These are then reffered to the bibliography.

The bibliography should be formatted alphabetically. Click here for a full example.
If you translate for instance this example of a book:

Barry, Peter. (2009). Beginning Theory: An introduction to literary and cultural theory. 3rd edition. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

It is: Surname, First Name. (Year). Title Of Book. Edition, if applicable. Publisher.

Reference the version of the book you read; for example I have referenced De Quiney's Confessions Of An English Opium Eater as below:
De Quincey, Thomas. (2003). Confessions of an English Opium Eater. Penguin Classics; Revised edition.
The original was in 1821, but that version wouldn't be the one to quote from.

Hope that helps, everything you need is in the link at the top of the page.


  1. thank you liam, not just for my sake, but everyone elses. i knew about harvard referencing, i just wasnt sure the whole bib was in one long reference thing. and the references in the actual text are counted in the word count, hence why i wasnt sure.

    now i know, thank you and i saw you in staples :P

  2. atually liam, you wouldnt know how the chapters are supposed to run? i was thinking of starting a new chapter on a new page, but im unsure of how they are expecting it, any advice would be great...

  3. Liam this is great, ive been reading through it double checking everything, it makes sense and its simply explained - thanks! It goes in my brain much easier than the UCA version :)

  4. No worries! I've started a new chapter on a new page, with the chapter header at the top. If you SHIFT + RETURN it will keep it in place. In terms of order, Contents, Introduction, Chapters, List Of Illustrations, Bibliography. Thats how I've done it, you may want to check against the help sheets we got in case. When doing the illustration list have a look at the example under 'what is a bibliography'; it has to be formatted in a certain fashion.