Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another quick question for PHIL :)

I have pondered what this particular little word meant in all my books, it can be found in the references section. 'Ibid' means basically that the current reference is from the same place as the one that came before it (correct me if im worng).

what i want to know is can we use this little word, or if we have several references used concessively, do we have to label them individually?

im probably blind and stupid, but our references, are they to go at the end of the WHOLE document, or at the end of each chapter, or somewhere entirely different (like on the moon :P)?

i ask these questions because im close to getting ready to finalized the layout for printing.

thanx :D


  1. I have problems with the bibliography stuff too. I plan to go in tomorrow to find out how to lay this out. It's a mess of different resources (articles, websites, books, films) etc, so I need to know how this should be laid out correctly.

  2. go here

  3. in answer to you query jon, i have put my different resources in alphabetical order, so articles, books, websites etc, then the references in between are alphabetised by name or title.

    hope that helps.

  4. okay Lisa, I'll do that, and blame you if it's wrong! :D

  5. If you use harvard you shouldn't list your references between; the referencing relates directly to the bibliography.
    The bibliography should look like this: