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Im not sure if this is a maya problem or a computer problem, (im hopeing maya). When doind render previews im only getting a blue render screen with error message "free memory is low. memory exception thrown" when trying to render bump map and light tests. is there a way around this problem in maya? any ideas?


  1. pc. i think i need more ram but is there a way in maya to help it calculate everything?

  2. Maya doesn't get enough virtual memory (RAM) from your machine. It can happen when you have too many programs running alongside Maya or you're loading large texture files. Are they .tif's ? Try loading some of them as .jpg's that will leave more headspace.

  3. ok thanks, il double check but i think they are all jpegs. only ever have msn open at most when working on maya

  4. Rebooting your pc sometimes does it as well.

  5. I don't mean to sound patronizing but Google search "free memory is low. memory exception thrown"

    Plenty of discussions going on about this error.


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