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CAA Christmas Speed Paint Challenge #10

'The Dyrads' Midwinter Masquerade Ball'

PWTM 31/12/2014

This latest edition of the Computer Animation Arts PWTM is best enjoyed while snacking on the dribs and drabs of your bumper tin of Quality Street, washed down with a good glug of Alka-Selzter. By now, you're feeling a bit worse for wear and your Christmas tree is looking sad, so let this little lot vivify your spirits - a bumper-sized selection box of the non-chocolate variety.  No cold cuts here, ladies and gents, just fresh new work from fresh new talent.
Let's start with the end; the end of the last term, that is, which saw our newest recruits complete their debut digital sets; fantastical cityscapes inspired by some unlikely artistic collaborations. 

Charlie Serafini - The City Of Haute - inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier 

Ella Pinnington - The City Of Obiton - inspired by Alvin Lustig

Julien Van Wallendael - The City Of New Caylx - inspired by Lucienne Day

Kayleigh Anderson - The City Of Traraum - inspired by Max Ernst