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BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts: Graduate Films 2020



Georgia Betteridge - "For Infinity"

‘For Infinity’ uses my childhood and experience of becoming an adult to create a relatable film for an audience. Asking the question, do we truly ever grow up?


Emily Friswell - "Twins"

"This animation explores the differences between myself and my twin brother - Adam, depicting the contrasts between us when we were growing up and how I was able to become more independent as we got older. My inspiration was to give people an insight into life as a twin, especially twins that are dissimilar and have very different personalities. I hope you can relate to my film if you were always known as 'the quiet one'. If not, I hope it gives you a better understanding of people like myself."


Noah Greenhalgh - "Drawing the Line"

'Drawing The Line' Is a short film about conformity, identity, and acceptance. The story is personal to me as it is an expression of my journey with my gender identity.


Alfie Gunter- "Fight or Flight"

“During world war one a plucky young carrier pigeon is tasked with the important mission of delivering a vital message to help his allies. However, the enemies have their own aerial defence to counter him. Will he prevail or will he fall into the claws of the enemy?”


Adrianna Lopian - "Fatamorgana"

Fatamorgana is a digital set built in Unreal Engine 4, depicting a scene where two sisters; Fatam and Organa, break into a private museum to claim the Holy Grail.


Eleanor Luckett - "Pugwash and the Young Adventurer"

Pugwash and the Young Adventurer is an experimental 2.5D film, exploring mixed media processes. Join my younger self on her first encounter with the world of animation. Who knows what adventure might be ahead?


Annie Roberts - "Solumna"

The "teaser trailer" of Solumna is a short film showing off the three main characters of the property. The focus of this Graduate film was Character Design and industry focused Character Modelling.

About Solumna: "The old world of Solumna has a terrible past, filled with treachery, magic, old gods and treasure. The Pirate Captain Katherine, joined by Queen Elisadora and the Stowaway Rogue Alekos, must journey to find the truth, but who's to stop her if she takes a bit of treasure along the way."


Megan Robson - "It's Just a Thought"

Please note: Contains minor flashing colours and moderate strong language - ‘It’s just a Thought’ is a short film that explores a personal perspective of overthinking and sleep anxiety,  the story follows Morgan who is trying to get a nights rest but is constantly  being  disturbed by Robin, someone who disrupts Morgan’s sleep with disturbing  suggestions to cause her to feel uncomfortable . Robin’s antics begin to escalate to furthers annoy and bother Morgan until it becomes too much.


Thomas Sherwood - "Sleep Tight"

"Do you remember being a child, and allowing your imagination to run away with you? What if it wasn't your imagination... Sleep Tight is an Animated Short featuring a younger version of myself spending the evening at my Grandmothers where I experience something quite uncanny..."


Frankie Sutton - "Nothing Left"

When an alien is found in the desert near a high security government facility, scientists take him in, and attempt to uncover the true nature of this being. His radioactive blood and unearthly powers make him a walking weapon of mass destruction, but the scientists will stop at nothing to contain him and use him to forge their own nuclear weaponry.


Oliver Thacker - "The Star Diaries"

I was recently exposed to Polish Science Fiction in the form of the book "The Star Diaries" by Stanislaw Lem. Not knowing how best to explain how I felt about it and how I started to imagine the main character and his spaceship, I decided to create it using the skills I've learned over the past 3 years of university.


Tia Whitehead - "Little Monster"

“Little Monster is a small animation about my type one diabetes and the troubles I face whilst having it and dealing with day-to-day life. It shows step-by-step, the day I found out that I had type one diabetes and how hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia can affect my mood and ability to do certain tasks. In creating this short animation, I hope that I can educate the viewers on how type one diabetes can affect my life as well as other type one diabetics and their families.”



  1. Congrats all! You should all be very proud of yourselves and your achievements! Well fucking done! :)


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