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FAO CAA Year 2: Premise Submission

Year 2: Premise submission

The purpose of Premise is to create a solid foundation for year three. The more successful your Premise project, the better chance you have of a successful third year. You now have six weeks left (eight including the Easter break) until Premise is over. That’s six weeks (term time) to create the best foundation possible for your final year. Therefore, to help you I created a ‘must have’ list below. However, whilst this is a ‘list’ it is not a ‘check list’ whereby you create work simply to fulfil the list (see - No ‘tick box’ submissions below). It is a list that discusses areas where you find out more about your concept by researching, developing and refining work.

Submission List Breakdown

- Concept 
- Research & Design (Character/Production Design/Concept Art)
- Sound Design & Script/Animatic
- 3D/Maya Work

In Detail & Examples-

- Concept: During the past few weeks you have all arrived at a concept. Therefore, your final submission should demonstrate that you have explored and understood that concept (premise) thoroughly. Including attempting to answer all the key questions it presents.

- Research & Design (Character/Production Design & Concept Art): This includes, a character design bible, a set design bible, and concept art. In each case showing your design process and how it has evolved through experimentation and refinement (see examples below).
- Sound & Script/Animatic: For some of you ‘sound’ will mean a voiceover and for others creating a soundscape. In some cases, both. You may also need to commission music, such as working with a composer either now or in the future. Having a good music/audio track will allow you to create a more specific and better timed animatic - A good animatic is a vital to the success of your project (see examples below).

- 3D/Maya Work: 3D/Maya work should be part of your submission. This could be ‘aesthetic tests’ such as trying to understand how to create or mimic a specific style. It could also be a first attempt at modelling a character or set. In both cases, you should use your 3D work to understand more about the world of your animation. 

Ellie Row - Link
Polly Gwinnett - Link
Douy Singamran - Link
Charlie Serafini - Link
Becky Stapley - Link
Tom Smith - Link 

- Warning, No ‘tick box’ submissions.:
I have listed the ‘must have’s’ for your submission. However, please don’t think of these simply as a ‘check list’ of what you need without considering that you need to demonstrate that you have used each stage to explore and understand the world of your premise. Don’t for example, create character designs just to ‘have’ character designs for submission. You should create character designs to fulfil the requirements of your premise not just the list.

If you have any questions about how this post applies to your submission, please come and see Phil or myself - Good luck!.