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FAO CAA Yr 1: Contexts / Your Thursday Presentations

You have individual presentations starting on Thursday 7th March - see below.

Thursday 7th March @ 2pm

Ren, Louis, Odette, Terry, Tom, Shannon

Thursday 14th March @ 2pm

Vincent, Coyle, Katerin, Vic, Karris

Thursday 21st March @ 2pm

Liv, Grace, Edward, Sandy, Ting

You will be presenting your essay subjects to your peers - essentially, giving a mini-lecture and presenting yourself as the 'expert in the room'.  This represents an opportunity to distil and articulate your ideas in advance of your written assignment submission - and to further polish your presentation skills in preparation for your client pitches for the new Fantastic Voyage project. You're expected to practice and prepare, and present yourself professionally.  It's your turn to be the tutor.  It's your turn to teach.

Please note: you are not being asked to read your essay plan 'out loud'  - the challenge is for you to take your research and present your findings and your conclusions engagingly.  I will be looking for confident expressions of theoretical ideas that initiate your audience into your research and purposeful analysis of supporting quotes and imagery.  We've discussed 'bad habits' in terms of giving presentations on many occasions, so I'll be looking for evidence that you've reflected on your own strengths and weaknesses and adapted your respective behaviours accordingly. You are in charge of this moment - and I want you to own it.

Your presentations need to be 12 minutes long - and conform to the academic conventions with which, by now, you are all familiar.  Following your presentations, there will be an opportunity for further formative feedback.

You are required to attend each Thursday session in support of your peers.  Following the presentations, I'll be available for some one-to-one time should you want to discuss your written assignments further.