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FAO CAA Year 2: Sculpting Character Choices.

Having looked at all of your character choices on your blogs I am going to make a 'universal' judgement call in the interest of you being able to get the most out of the sculpting experience. Also, to avoid stress over trying to create 'popular character likeness' and understanding stylisation/other peoples choices. It would be better that we opt for a 'real person', one that is not a celebrity or part of a TV show or film. 

I have brought in a series of images for you to use (similar to above) and of course you are welcome to choose your own. The images will be available tomorrow for you to pick from. Apologies to anyone who has chosen a character already, but as I said a poor choice will radically change what you learn and the experience you have. Please arrive early so that we don't get a bottle neck when choosing. Please pass this info on to anyone who you feel may not see this post.

- Alan