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CAA Careers: Work experience opportunities at DreamingFish Productions

I've been in contact with Phil Miller, Managing Director at DreamingFish Productions in Woking, and he has let me know about some exciting work experience opportunities at the company.  Because they are quite a small team, they can only take one person at a time, but last year they hosted 13 students over the year for a week each, so it's worth anyone that is interested, applying! 
Here's what Phil says - 

We’re quite a small team so we only take 1 student at a time. We usually take students for week long placements and do these at any time, usually excluding summer/easter holiday times as staff can be a little thin on the ground at these times. 

We took 13 students last year and we ask each one to come with a project in mind that they want to undertake while they are with us. I feel it is important that they are not just observing us but also undertaking their own work with our support. It also means that they have something to take away and potentially include in a future showreel. You can see the results from 2018 here:
You can read more about the company HERE.

If you are interested, you should contact Phil directly, with a brief introduction and your showreel and/or blog link...his email is  Say I sent you!

Good luck everyone!