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FAO CAA Year 1: WIM Proformas Now @ Your UCA Email Accounts

Your WIM proformas have been sent out to your UCA email accounts.*  Please read your feedback carefully and then read it again.  My focus - and your focus - is on taking lessons learned into the 'live tissue' of your Story projects, so if you've been asked to switch-up your approach to something, or confront a problem, or change a habit or just do all of the work you're asked to do, then suck it up and make the necessary adjustments.  If I've called you out on something, it's not because I dislike you or want you to suffer or enjoy treading on your toes or rattling your cage, it's because I want you to win.

This terms ends with 3 summative assessments - 90 credits worth! - and our goal together now is to ensure you're ready and able to get the results of which you're truly capable.  

Term 1 is toast, ladies and gentlemen - move on and between us, let's do something amazing!

* If you haven't received your feedback, get in touch and I'll investigate!