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CAA Careers: FAO 3rd yrs - online mentoring available!

Calling all 3rd years!

I have been made aware of an exciting opportunity for Computer Animation Arts students to register for a FREE E-Mentoring programme aimed at those considering a career in the animation/VFX industries. The programme is run by a startup called Prospela, it's completely online (think Whatsapp style instant messenger) and the team at Prospela are really looking forward to supporting you. 

If you would like to sign up with them to get personalised advice, authentic career insights as well as opportunities from real professionals in the VFX sector, you can sign up to the UCA programme through their website HERE. Just state that you heard about the programme from me. 

With E-Mentors from a huge range of leading companies and startups in VFX, Prospela can match you based on your skills, interests and personalities and you'll enjoy on-demand dedicated support through their web and mobile app. 

This is a new venture, so at the moment it is untested (by us).... if you decide to sign up, please leave a comment on here, so I can contact you for some feedback! 

Hope you find it useful! 


  1. Hi Jackie just wanted to let you know that there doesn't seem to be a hyper link attached to their website.


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