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FAO CAA Yr 3: 31 Days!

A message for our hard-working final year students... as of today, you have 31 days (or just 1 month) until your Minor hand-in...  Eagle-eyed students might look at this number and think I can't count, but Alan and I have decided to push your hand-in back one day to Friday 11th January, so you have the full first week of the new term to get your submissions 100% ship-shape! I know... we're lovely.

PS :if you're not doing it already, could you please update your blogs with your intended 'Art Of' formats etc for feedback and discussion.  We're very keen that your project documentation is exemplary for the Minor submission - not least because if you establish a strong, 'on-brand' design language for your films at this half-way stage, your Major project documentation becomes very straightforward.  Upload some sample pages to include typeface etc and we'll get things moving.

We're asking all final year students to move from Scribd documentation to Issu presentationsyou'll need to create an account accordingly.  Note too how Issuu presentations require you to think about your Art Ofs in terms of 'double-page' spreads, so your design language needs to consider this. For some examples, go here.

  • 31 days remaining!
  • Minor Hand-In - Friday, January 11th 2019 @ 6pm
  • Create Issuu account
  • Update blogs with proposed Art Of  template & project branding examples
  • New term 2 timetables can be found on MyUCA under Major Project (link)