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FAO Year 3: Pipeline 1 Texturing Tutorials and Creating Demo Reel Shots

Texturing Tutorials

Creating Demo Reel Shots (Preview)

Attention all third year students - The Pipeline 1 (Jetpack Jones) texturing and turnaround tutorials have been updated to work with Arnold and Maya 2018+. 

Many of you are reaching the stage where these tutorials are going to help support the next stage of your project. Including, helping you light, texture, and present your work for your submission where a 'demo reel' shot is a must. Please make sure you watch these to at least understand the possibilities and what is expected of you for January. The tutorial topics include...

Texturing tutorials: Baking normal maps, setting up lighting. Creating Arnold shaders for clothes, skin (subsurface scattering), and normal maps. Blocking out colour maps, exporting geometry to Mudbox, painting in Mudbox, adding decals, and using Xnormal to create ambient occlusion maps. (Link)

Demo reel (turnaround) tutorials: Rendering turnaround and static beauty, clay, ambient occlusion, and wireframe passes. Working in After Effects to create transitions and a graphical layout. (Link)

Note: Not all topics will be relevant to your specific project outcome, but many will.

Note: Texturing can happen any time after you have completed modelling and  laid out the UV's (deleting history). I would suggest skinning and rigging your characters first (getting help before the Christmas break) then texturing.