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FAO CAA Yr 3: 49 Days = 7 Weeks

This is a shout-out to all our final year students.  As of Thursday (November 22nd), you have only forty-nine days until the submission of your Minor projects.   Forty-nine days = seven weeks.  Seven weeks is a short time in CGI terms, as I'm sure you understand.  If we factor out Christmas (where your access to tutors and the campus will reduce), you're probably looking at just five solid weeks - and maybe a little less (because we all know what Christmas is actually like in terms of being back at home and watching crap television in your Rudolph onesies...).  You say you're going to do lots of work... 

I chatted with a few third years today, and the sense I'm getting is that you're not feeling much urgency yet.  Some of you are still 'fiddling at the edges' of your projects and faffing around.  I spoke to one student who very honestly admitted they were giving their Minor project only 40% of their time and energy.  As I said very plainly to this student, "no one makes an animated short like that".

If you're not feeling it yet, you should be (if you are and you're making great progress, then do please carry on!).  I suggest you all take a long hard look at your own 'mission statements' - where you committed yourself to the constituents of your submissions: for most of you it was 'fully rigged animation-ready character(s)', client-quality animatics and 3D pre-visualisations, and professionally produced 'Art Ofs'...  These mission statements should not be considered 'flexible' or 'optional' - they represent what you said you were going to do, and will influence your assessment.

Your final year film/project isn't a hobby with which to gently fill your last days on Computer Animation Arts! Your final film/project is the most ambitious thing you've ever attempted and you should be giving it everything you have. If you're not - if you're still floating about - ask yourself seriously how it is you think you're going to achieve your outcomes.

I'm expecting everyone of you to achieve great things on January 10th when you submit.  I don't want nasty surprises or compromises or mysteries. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for themselves because they know they could have worked harder. I just want you to achieve something extraordinary and thus lay the foundations for a cracking Major project, a chance at New Designers, and a successful tour of the film festival circuit!

So, yes, like it or not, it's time to feel the pain a bit more.  It's time to feel the burden of your tutors' expectations - and your own.  This is not a drill, ladies and gentlemen.  This is not a rehearsal. You've got just seven weeks to achieve an awful lot.  You need to decide here and now that this is exactly what you're going to do - no exceptions, no excuses, and enough with the procrastination.

And while I've got your attention... I'll publish a new edition of the PWTM on November 30th.  I don't want to be picking over your blogs hunting for work by which I can celebrate your creativity and hard work.  I don't want slim-pickings, I want to be spoiled for choice.  Get your blogs ship-shape and up-to-date with quality work  so I can make a fuss of you.  Thanks in advance!

49 Days = 7 Weeks