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FAO CAA Yr 2: Toolkit 2 / Day Swap / Thursday 6th December (Not Tuesday!)

This is a message for our hard-working year 2 students: there are a few changes to your published timetable next week, as the course team accommodate a busy week of extra-curricular events hosted by the University.  Short version is that your Toolkit 2 Character workshop with Justin is moving to Thursday 6th December - same time, same place, different day!

A reminder too that your final Perspectives lecture is on Monday 3rd December at 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1.  There is no film screening; there are two presentations - the first is a pulling together of themes and ideas from the whole lecture series, followed by an academic-writing refresher and lots of practical advice in terms of structuring your assignments.  This is an important session, so please attend.

Can you make sure all your classmates have seen these notifications. Many thanks.